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Please click here to read the General Conditions of Purchase of Aspen Oss B.V. (in English)

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Are you looking for a career opportunity with an organisation whose values you can live by? Then click here for an overview of our current vacancies.

Aspen is a dynamic organisation built on entrepreneurial strength and forward thinking minds. We attract high performing individuals who are passionate about their career and have a desire to exceed expectations! At Aspen, not only do we source for the best talent but we also provide a host of opportunities for continuous development.

Our vision is to deliver value to all stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen that provides high quality, affordable medicines and products globally.

Our values define the foundation on which Aspen has been built. These are values we share as we work together towards achieving the vision of the Group. The Group’s five values that are the foundation on which Aspen has been built are;

  • Commitment – we go the extra mile, seeking to exceed expectations.
  • Excellence – we strive to be the best we can be and to deliver to the highest standards.
  • Innovation – we constantly search for better ways of doing things and are solution orientated.
  • Integrity – our integrity is not negotiable.
  • Teamwork – we optimise our performance by pulling together. Our combined capabilities exceed the sum of each individual.


Ethics management

Aspen has a zero tolerance approach to unethical behaviour and is committed to ensuring that the Group and its employees uphold Aspen’s laudable reputation.

The Group has appointed Regional Ethics Officers who stakeholders can contact regarding any ethics issues.

Aspen is a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.



Codes of conduct

The Group Code of Conduct governs the conduct of all Aspen’s employees throughout the Group and is aligned with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development recommendations regarding corruption. Furthermore, Aspen’s service providers and suppliers are required to adhere to the Group’s Code of Conduct in accordance with relevant clauses included in agreements with these stakeholders.

The areas covered by the Group Code of Conduct include:

  • acting in accordance with Aspen’s values;
  • equitable treatment for all;
  • acting as ambassadors of Aspen;
  • business integrity;
  • gifts, entertainment and bribery;
  • integrity of qualitative and quantitative information;
  • protection and use of property;
  • business controls;
  • confidential information;
  • insider trading;
  • safety, health, quality and the environment;
  • competition law;
  • political activities;
  • compliance;
  • accountability; and
  • corporate governance

Aspen Group Code of Conduct

Aspen Code of Conduct For Suppliers and Service Providers


Tip-Offs Anonymous® Hotline

Aspen endeavours to promote a culture of openness and transparency throughout the Group and employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to report unethical conduct and other transgressions of which they become aware.

An independently monitored whistle-blowing hotline, Deloitte’s Tip-Offs Anonymous®, has been rolled out to employees across the Group’s businesses, whereby employees can report suspected fraud and/or activities which are considered to be transgressions of the Group’s Code of Conduct. Tip-offs training and awareness sessions are conducted periodically to promote utilisation of the facility where necessary. The Tip-offs service has also been extended to key customers and suppliers in the South African business. The introduction of this service to selected suppliers and customers at Aspen’s International businesses is at various stages of progress in accordance with an implementation plan.

All logged calls were reported to relevant managers timeously. Corrective action has been implemented in all instances to improve controls and to prevent recurrence of the incident.
To obtain additional information about the Deloitte’s Tip Offs Anonymous® service, download the pdf below:

Vendor Tip Offs Letter

or click here to be redirected to the Deloitte Tip Offs website.