About Aspen Oss

Aspen Oss has a proud history in the production of APIs, spanning over 90 years.

Aspen Oss specializes in the manufacture of highly complex APIs.

We are dedicated to the production of high quality APIs and delivering extensive quality and regulatory support.

 Aspen Holding News

  • CNBC Exclusive with Aspen CEO Stephen Saad
    Aspen Pharmacare billionaire Steven Saad opens up with the inside story of the fall of his shares. Exclusive on CNBC Africa first in business worldwide. CNBC Exclusive with Aspen CEO Stephen Saad from Aspen Pharmacare Pty Limited on Vimeo.
  • Aspen increases revenue 16% to R41.2 bn
    Johannesburg – JSE Limited listed Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited (APN), a leading global pharmaceutical company, has announced pleasing results for the year ended 30 June 2017. Download (PDF 86.7KB)
  • Financial Mail cover story – 22 June 2017
    Price gouging is not in Aspen’s DNA, says founder Stephen Saad, incensed at the thought that his company would exploit the sick. But Aspen’s predicament, and that of all drug firms, boils down to the tension between a drug company’s perceived responsibility to provide life-saving drugs to patients at a reasonable price, and its natural…

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Aspen Oss company brochure (pdf)

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Aspen Holding Results and Reports

Aspen reviewed provisional group financial results for the year ended 30 June 2017:

Aspen year end results commentary (PDF 234KB)

Aspen year end results presentation (PDF 2.7MB)

Aspen year end results press release (PDF 89KB)

Aspen short form announcement (PDF 250KB)

Aspen Integrated Report 2017 (PDF 6 MB)

Aspen Corporate Brochure 2017 (PDF 3 MB)